How to humanize your
technology, business or economy to

Grow Like China

The biggest uplift in human history

"A once in history opportunity"

For intelligent, high-achieving leaders, with a growth mindset

Exponential Growth

"Think Different"

The heroes of history all learnt to "Think Different" to benefit millions and even billions. They gave us small glimpses of what it looks like to lead consciously (from the heart rather than from ego).

We help highly motivated leaders to likewise turn their 'right brain' on. This makes it possible to learn, think, and solve people and technology problems, at Einstein level and beyond.

This is the only way to be part of the multi-trillion dollar "human-led and tech-powered" future envisioned by companies like PwC.

Remediate and regenerate your company, city, state, country, economy, reputation, rankings, and Triple Bottom Line as never before.

Add millions to your family, billions to your city, trillions to your state or country, and quadrillions to humanity.

Create the science, technology, medicine, education, jobs, business, exports and economics of the future right now.

Become the world's first

Smart City

Smart State

Smart Country

Smart Economy

Holistic thinking

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination" – Nelson Mandela and aligned thought leaders


Health and fitness, at the hidden taproot level, naturally propagates to higher levels

Our Purpose
"Re-imagining Human, Business and Socio-Economic Potential"

"We know more than we think"
academic Marta Sinclair

"We know more than we can tell"
polymath Michael Polanyi, paraphrase

"We know more than we see"
scientist Alan Du Preez